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Interior Inspirations

Interior Inspirations is a Residential and Commercial Interior Design firm located in Manhattan Beach, California. Our style is a blend of European Classicism and Modern Design. We keep things fresh, evolving our style and design process to compliment our clients tastes and needs.

Since 1997, Interior Inspirations has provided Concierge-style Interior Design services. As part of our design process we marry together art and technology, providing our clients with hand sketched drawings, as well as computer generated models and renderings for their home or commercial space. We strongly believe in the importance of the Designer-Client relationship and have many returning Clients with new homes and decorating projects. We take great pride in this fact.


We generate models and renderings for outside design firms looking to improve their work product. We produce very professional drawings, models and renderings that make the design process much easier for clients.

Our goal is to create living and working environments that are inviting, comfortable and suited to each clients needs. Interior Inspirations creates beautiful, functional and environmentally friendly spaces.

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